National Deployment

New tech is constantly changing and evolving and there comes a point where organisations must upgrade. This technology can be in the form of software or hardware—operating systems, in-house software, office suites, outdated computers that need to be replaced, new servers, etc.

The upgrading of such technology comes under the heading of Technology Deployment and Rollouts. These can be quite burdensome on organisations, particularly large ones, due to the immense amount of planning and manpower required to carry them out.

In this article, we will look at what technology deployments and rollouts are, which industries are affected by them, the peculiarities of a nationwide technology rollout, and the major steps necessary to carry out a successful one.

What is a technology deployment project or a technology rollout?

A technology rollout is the planning and execution of implementing new technology for an organisation, whether in the form of software, or hardware. A successful technology rollout must take into account the acceptance of the technology by end-users. Once the rollout is complete, users should be able to use the new technology seamlessly.

Examples of technology deployments

The types of technology deployments possible span the full gamut of modern technology, but here are some of the most common ones:

Which industries require technology deployments?

Because of the widespread use of digital technology across all industries, technology deployments straddle virtually every sector.

But some industries are more likely to need external assistance to carry out a technology rollout because they either use technology extensively in their business, or they are a national business with many sites. These industries include:

Many such rollouts often require additional equipment that must be planned for well in advance. When carrying out large-scale rollouts, it is crucial that the company doing it has additional people on the ground to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Important points about national and multi-site technology deployments

National and multi-site technology rollouts are particularly taxing on a company’s IT department. Often, a company’s IT team simply isn’t large enough to handle the load, and certainly not without disrupting the BAU and normal daily work requirements. The additional costs of the rollout also add up fast, such as for travel and accommodation.

In-house IT teams are also usually not accustomed to carrying out such large-scale deployments because it is not something they do every day. Because of this, one or more key points might be overlooked, bringing the company to its knees the following morning due to bugs or errors.

This is in contrast to working with an external company that does these rollouts regularly. Their experience will ensure that such a rollout is completed rapidly and without flaws.

Almost always, nationwide and multi-site companies hire an external IT service provider to carry out their rollouts.

The major requirements of a successful technology deployment project

1. User buy-in

A technology deployment project can quickly come to nothing if the end-users do not know how to use the new technology, or if they are strongly against changing to the new system. Without user buy-in and training before the rollout, no amount of planning will result in a successful deployment.

2. The right technology

Choosing the “right” technology touches on several points:

If a company’s purpose is to be acquired by a larger company, they might invest more in a technology deployment to make the acquisition more appealing.

There is no “perfect” technology, only the best possible technology for that particular company at that particular time. A good IT Services company can help you decide which is the best for you.

3. The project plan

Planning a rollout requires far more extensive planning than mere project planning. The company you are dealing with should have a fully-fledged rollout system in place to prepare and then execute the rollout successfully.

4. Strong IT support team

Even if you have outsourced your rollout, your IT department will still be involved in the rollout, even if only from an advisory position. The rollout team should offer all the support necessary so that your IT team is not overstrained during or after the completion of the rollout.

Steps of a successful nationwide technology deployment

Although the rollout itself is an intricate affair that needs to be planned within an inch of its life, the following are the overall major steps that underlie all successful nationwide and multi-site technology deployments:

  1. Correctly identifying the technology problem and its best possible solution.
  2. User buy-in and proper training on the new tech before rollout-day.
  3. Full communication between management, the IT department, and the external support team.
  4. Properly defining a successful rollout and working together to achieve it

Rollout partnerships

If your company regularly runs technology deployment projects, 24/7 Tech Solutions stands ready to assist you with additional resources and experienced hands to ensure your rollouts always go off as planned. Please contact us to learn more about partnering with us.