Warehousing & Logistics

24/7 Tech Solutions have the ability to provide your organisation with storage for your new IT assets for the time between acquiring them and when they are to be installed. This will save you from finding a secure storage facility and ensure that everything is stored correctly for easy installation. We have warehousing facilities around Australia and New Zealand to support your business no matter where you are located. In addition to new IT assets, 24/7 Tech solutions can store your spare parts with 24/7 access.

Before your hardware and software is delivered, our team of experts can assess inventories, apply asset tags and even install your operating systems and assemble your hardware. By having 24/7 Tech Solutions complete this staging process before installation, the following processes can be completed more efficiently and will be more convenient for your organisation moving forward.
Along with our warehousing facilities, we also offer secure transportation services and work with reputable third-party carriers to ensure all of your logistic needs are met. We can store your IT assets as close to your premises as possible and organise the logistics of delivering them to your location on the day of installation. All of your equipment will be securely packed in locked cages for your peace of mind.