Site Survey & Audits

It is important to have an IT Asset Register so your organisation can easily keep track of what you own, your capabilities, warranties, what and when certain items need replacing so that you can plan your IT resources and budget. It will also be helpful if you need to claim insurance in the case of a breakdown. Our team can put your IT Asset Register together while also assessing your equipment and noting the condition its currently in.
Data centre is the infrastructure supporting the Application Ecosystem. Data centre is the technology platform that ultimately delivers applications for organizations. Data centres house and protect the “data”, applications and the computing resources necessary for the delivery of applications. Our team can perform a survey to capture the physical as-designed and as-built data centre components to help you establish the basic site requirements for proper IMACD.

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We’ll ensure that testing and tagging are done to the highest standard by one of our qualified technicians. This vital process is crucial to ensuring the safety to both your business and employees, as well as protecting your assets/hardware. Our technician will test the equipment as per the current Australian standards AS/NZ 3760:2010. Should we find any irregularities, we will immediately offer to repair, or can arrange a time to come back. At completion, when PASS result is achieved the cable or device will be tagged accordingly and record results.